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SERVICES & Workshops


Wattley Consulting is pleased to offer two group therapy options for those considering adoption. Each group meets one evening per week for a period of six weeks.

CONSIDERING TRANS-RACIAL ADOPTION - This group explores the many issues that must be addressed when adopting a child of a different race. Participants will discuss everything from maintaining a child's cultural identity, hair and skin care, to dealing with those who may not be supportive of your choice. 



CHOOSING ADOPTION AFTER INFERTILITY - The inability to conceive is a painful reality for many singles and couples who desire to become parents. Coming to the decision to adopt is sometimes a lengthy roller-coaster ride. Participants can expect to receive support while exploring their hopes, fears, and expectations. It is our goal that by the end of group, you will be closer to making the decision that is right for you.  


Wattley Consulting workshops are innovative, interactive, and entertaining. We provide customized workshops, seminars, and conferences on a wide range of topics.  No group is too large or too small. We serve businesses, churches, neighborhood associations, schools, youth organizations, social service agencies- any group that strives to improve the lives of those they serve. We can address a diverse range of social topics. If you have a need that is not listed, please let us know. We would love to customize a training based on the needs of your organization. 

AFTER HE'S GONE: HEALING YOUR HEART WHEN A CHILD LEAVES YOUR HOME - This workshop addresses the grief experienced by foster parents and other caregivers when a child leaves. Wattley Consulting acknowledges participants' right to hurt for the loss of a child that may not have been of their bodies, but was most certainly part of their hearts.  This session is appropriate for foster and adoptive parents, as well as child welfare staff, juvenile court staff, and others involved in the child welfare system.


PARENTING & CHILD DEVELOPMENT WORKSHOPS"Bringing Up Baby", "Do-able Discipline For All Ages" and "Parenting Those Challenging Teens"


CHILDREN & SEXUALITY WORKSHOPS - "Sexual Abuse: Keeping Kids Safe", "The Birds & Bees-- Where Do I begin?"


ADOPTION & FOSTER CARE WORKSHOPS"Adoption Prep 101","The Challenges of Kinship Care", "Foster Parenting: Is it Really For Me?" and"Fostering and Adopting the Older Child"







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