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We provide a safe, judgement-free environment where you are free to address the most pressing of personal issues. Are you struggling to find your purpose in life? Do you feel stuck, but are not sure of how to get "unstuck"? Are relationship troubles beginning to spill over into other areas of your life? Are you contemplating a big move, and need help examining all of your options? Are you a parent, but feel as though your children are in charge? Does your teen make you want to scream and pull out your hair? Do you constantly feel overwhelmed by life? 


Utilizing a solution-focused treatment model, we can help make sense out of your internal struggles.  We provide therapy for children, teens, adults, families, and couples.  Sometimes, life becomes too much to handle on your own. At those times, you may be in need of . . . . a New Path.


A Division of Wattley Consulting, PLLC



Many people seek  therapy because they desire to talk to someone who will listen without judgement. 

Individual counseling can be an effective method for bringing about change, gaining clarity, and learning skills needed to live the life you truly desire.



Group counseling is available on a limited basis for those who feel more comfortable in a group setting. Information regarding current groups will be provided during  individual counseling sessions, if they suit your current issue or area of concern.



If your church, club, or organization is in need of a presenter on topics related to mental health, wellness, or  parenting support,  please contact us. We would love the opportunity to share with your group. 

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